Our DNA is embracing a more regulatory transparent trading environment, one trade at a time.

Virtual Auction Global Markets - Solas1 is a revolutionary new Trading Venue – specifically a Multilateral Trading Facility (“MTF”) initially targeting the Global Sovereign Bond Markets for our initial launch. To our knowledge, the Group will be the first fully independent regulated Fixed Income Trading venue to launch post-MiFID II anywhere in the EU, and certainly the first to facilitate mid-point trading.

Solas 1

The Group is fully independent, founded by experienced market practitioners with decades of financial trading experience, financially backed by individuals who believe in our vision of bringing more than just transparency to the Global Financial Markets.

We do this by embracing the newest of technologies, creating Solas 1, available to all global market participants across the Fixed Income Markets.

We provide a highly secure robust trading environment, embracing transparency, anonymity, compliance, and profitability.

Unmet Market Need

The Group has identified a clear unmet market need among members wanting to trade at the fair value mid-point or FIX in an efficient, non-discretionary, compliant and transparent market.

Entrepreneurial Management Team

The team have spent their entire careers in the financial markets, each with over 20 years’ experience. It also has all the entrepreneurial qualities and business skills needed to develop and position the group

Innovative technology

Intuitive front-end trading system, makes it easy for Traders to trade quickly with confidence, including automated workflow thereby improving settlement efficiency and reducing risks associated with manual errors.

Introducing Solas 1

Solas 1 offers a flawless trading experience by incorporating features that members want. These include all trades being matched at mid-market (the fair price between the bid and offer price usually quoted by market makers) or FIX price, automatic order and trade confirmations, access for middle/back office and compliance departments, the capability for anonymous execution, secure, transparent, robust and fully compliant with all regulations. The technical architecture of the Group’s MTF was designed and built with scalability, resilience and security as core principles.

Our members across the globe are now seeking greater opportunities to trade at the mid-market or “FIX” to ensure they are executing at the best possible price. Solas 1 offers exactly this to all Solas 1’s participants without discrimination giving them a more cost-effective execution by removing the need to cross the spread. The unique trading protocol means that Solas 1 is classified as a fully hybrid trading platform and this hybrid market status enables the Group to provide enhanced protection of our participants’ trading interest, reducing the risk of negative impact for our participants., whilst remaining compliant with all current regulations.

Solas 1